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About Me

Projects and Info

Im a Senior Linux DevOps Engineer and technologist in Atlanta, GA. I began working with computers when I was young and I have loved them ever since. My first computer was a TRS-80 and Ive worked with every major platform since. My current system preference is Linux, but I also use Mac OS X and Windows. I have numerous interests and I document many of them here. In 1999 I created one of the worlds first carputers: The DashPC™ and in 2003 I created the Linux Automotive interface. I stopped work on the Linux Automotive project several years ago. In 2007s -, I was interviewed for O'Reillys Release 2.0 Magazine.

  • Enterprise Computing
  • Computer Homelabbing
  • Raspberry Pis / Single Board Computers
  • IoT - Internet of Things
  • Electronics tinkering and design
  • Intellectual Property
  • Home Automation


My Top Skills

Linux 95%
Soft Skills 35%
Automation 70%
Programming 50%
  • Carlos Cuquejo Enterprise Sales
    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    I offer a proven track record of assisting businesses both in a tactical and strategic manner to optimize infrastructure solutions designed to increase performance, reliability and most importantly return on investment.

  • Luiz Gonzales Container Infrastructure Consultant -Redhat

    Specializes in the design and development of automated container platforms, deployment pipelines, and cloud-ready application architectures.

  • Natalie Green Hosea, Esq. Attorney and CEO

    With more than 15 years of experience in legal practice, and several years in the tech industry (Oracle, Sapient), I have a diverse background that can be leveraged to help clients in a variety of settings.

  • Auri Rahimzadeh Former President, Indianapolis Computer Society

    Founder and Panelist, CEATEC Japan Innovation Awards Panel, 2006-2017. Mira Awards Honorable Mention, Tech Service of the Year, City of Fishers CrimeWatch, 2017. Nominee, City of Fishers Volunteer of the Year.